Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweet lime-green

This poem is dedicated to all the people I have met during my college life. Someone once told me that college life is the best part of our lives. All I want to say to you all is……. thanks a lot for proving that someone right.

4 years ago all of this started

An endless journey it seemed

But slowly it shifted its colors

From an ominous black to a sweet lime-green.

It was hard at first, wasn’t it?

To start to mingle in the crowd

Some were too shy to speak up

And some were simply too proud.

But then we got to know each other

And everything seemed so easy

It was like having the thrill of a roller-coaster

Without the feeling to get dizzy.

Then the trust slowly started to build

We knew that when the moment came

We could count on the ones around us

To share with us the blame.

Then we started hanging out

And partying quite a lot

All shyness, pride and ego

Thankfully, everything was soon lost.

We met many people along the path

And befriended some of them

People we knew we could hug and cry

When nothing seemed the same.

There came times when our unity and strength

Everything was fiercely tested

But be it proxy, cheating or just bunking a class

Everyone was always interested.

But today we all stand at crossroads

As everything is about to end

We will all go separate ways

But these memories will always remain.

Thinking about all this stuff I said

I hang my head in regret

The only thing that I know for sure is

None of this I can ever forget.

That’s why I want to thank you all

For making my journey the way it’s been

And most importantly for shifting its color

From an ominous black to a sweet lime-green.

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  1. wow...really true.... good one and yes we all feel the same .........:)